Taming Fire

Fire has been mankind’s steady yet tempestuous companion from the dawn of civilization. Thus, no one should be surprised that our cultural landscape is sprinkled with many references to fire, fueling our imagination, interlocking with history, and filling the airwaves with drama, heroism, and dare.

In Taming Fire, Igor Josifov embraces the challenge and proceeds by drawing portraits of iconic figures to engage our intellect, evoke feelings ranging from excitement to anxiety, and walk us down memory lane. He also veers to abstraction and unites contrasting elements, as in the blur series, merging human faces, snowmen, and fireballs. In the process, Josifov unleashes a creative drive and makes the fire submit to his will and whimsy.

The allure of this primeval element is magical, intoxicating, and forever intriguing. The seduction borders on danger, destruction, and at the same time dreams of hope, lifted by the flames of shuttle missions dispatched to outer space and the remotest stars. This dual nature of fire suggests an endless reservoir of material for legends and a deep source of fascination for many artists around the world.

- Excerpt from the Taming Fire catalog, by Hanna Regev, Contemporary Art Curator and Author

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